Lioncourt homes to double workforce following successful fundraising

Lioncourt Homes hopes to more than double its workforce over the next two years after raising almost £25m to fund its expansion across the West Midlands, according to Chief Executive Colin Cole.

Lioncourt homes currently employees 43 staff, but this number could grow to approximately 100 due to the cash injection.

"We've nearly doubled our starting number in the past 12 months and I suspect we'll be doing something similar over the next year because of this expansion," Colin explained.

"We've taken people on already at quite high levels. A lot more people will also be able to join us in sales and build capacities."

"In the next financial year, we'll deliver 200 new homes and the year after, we plan to deliver 400."

As well as housebuilding, Lioncourt Homes is planning to strengthen its strategic land division, which buys options and promotion agreements with landowners and then sells the plot on the open market.

Lioncourt Homes has 16 developments in the UK and has submitted offers on eight new sites in the past month.